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RVD Solutions is a consulting service to assist manufacturers and retailers  to optimize their assortments and eliminate pain points as they navigate getting your product to market. 


My Story

As an experienced merchant with over 25 years in the retail space, I have managed multiple categories across all sectors of business. Extensive experience in women’s apparel, junior apparel, baby, men’s, and pet. Because I have lived them, I know the pain points that merchants face and am here to support and move your manufacturing business forward to ensure success for both the manufacturer and the retailer. My years in big box, specialty, catalog and omni channel retailers makes me the perfect partner to assist your company and team. 


Help you build strong relationships and interactions with retail partners.

  • Ensure your 30 minutes with the merchant are clear, concise and you walk away with a strong understanding of the next steps.

  • Support your design and sales team in the preparation and organization of the review. 

  • Work with your team on relationship building.


Help you make sure your products fill the retailer’s needs.

  • Curate the assortment with your design team

  • Competitive market analysis on other retailers or brands.

  • What is the white space you can fill? 

  • “Category review” are you clear on the categories in the store and which ones should be growing, maintained, or reduced? 


Help you prepare your team for success.

  • Produce calendars that meet the demands of the retailer and your production process.

  • Coach your team to ensure timelines are met for your company and for the retailer. 

  • Are you clear on the retailers asks? I.e., marketing, ecommerce, instore presentation?

  • Forward thinking and trend direction

  • Product development- what’s next?


Looking forward to moving your business forward. Lets connect 



Looking forward to moving your business forward. Lets connect 


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