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"As a seasoned merchant in retailing, manufacturing, and leadership, I know the pain points that you face day to day. Let me help you and your team move your business forward.  Let's set up a call to discuss how I can support you and your team."


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Reina vanDelft






2811 Milton Ave Suite 373

Janesville Wi 53545


My Services
Are you Frustrated? 

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Retailer Consulting

Are you a retail owner who is frustrated — too much to do, not sure what to do first and trying to do it alone? Getting new merchandise, selling what you have, and keeping up with your operations —you know there must be a better way!


You are not alone! I have 25 years of experience in all areas of retail merchandising, in multiple categories.


Let’s Tackle Your Frustration Together

  • Let’s identify your goals and set a strategy.

  • Let’s look at your merchandise assortments and figure out what is working and what is not, and why.

  • Let’s look at your target market and see how we can give them more of what they like.


Let’s get it organized, put in processes, and reinvigorate your merchandise so you can focus on white space opportunities  while growing your business.


Give me a call so we can discuss YOUR  challenges.


Manufacturer Consulting

Are you a manufacturer who is frustrated — you have amazing products; retailers don’t seem to understand it and not sure what to do to fix it? Expanding your product assortments and increasing sales —you know there must be a better way!


Let’s Tackle Your Frustration Together!

Let me help you get your products ready for prime time. Having a proven track record  in  product development across many categories, driving sales and high profit margins. I can help you build a focused presentation to ensure success. 


The truth is — retailers have more daily responsibilities than they can complete in a week. I will be your “retail-insider” to support you to get your products understood by retailers.


  • Curate and Expand Assortments

  • Market Analysis Review

  • Analyze Customer Opportunities

  • Team Preparedness

  • Presentation Review

  • Relationship Building

Together we will develop a succinct and balanced  product line and presentation that fills each retailers need to drive sales.


Let’s set up a call to  drive your sales growth and profitability. 


Retail Executive Coaching

Are you in a key leadership and team management position? Are you frustrated with your team’s progress and your cross-function cooperation? Are you frustrated with your relationship with upper management? 


For over 25 years I have worked with fortune 500 companies and specialty retailers.  I have worked in the public and privately owned sectors, across varying categories of women's, men's, baby and pet. My expertise in relationship building cross functionally and with manufacturers makes me the ideal partner. Let me help you work through your current obstacles and help guide your growth and long-term plans.

My leadership style is fair and personal, direct and approachable. I have been able to understand generational differences and work with each of my team members personal styles to get the best of each employee.  I have firsthand experience working the changes over the decades including work from home and adjusting to team and zoom meetings all while retaining and motivating my team members.


Let’s Tackle Your Frustration Together!

You are not alone! I will work 100% for YOU, I will be brutally honest, since YOUR BEST INTEREST is my only agenda. I help you work on YOUR issues-your next steps and goals. 


Let’s set up a complimentary coaching call to discuss how I can help you flourish in your position and allow you to focus on growth.

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2811  Milton Ave 

Suite 373

Janesville Wi  53545


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